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    • 產品名稱:美國omega FTB-938流量計

    • 產品型號:FTB-938
    • 產品廠商:美國Omega
    • 產品價格:0
    • 折扣價格:0
    • 產品文檔:
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    美國omega FTB-938流量計由美國omega原廠渠道的深圳鑫博恒業科技有限公司特價提供,美國omega FTB-938流量計精度高,壽命長,美國omega FTB-938流量計是值得信賴的流量儀表。

    美國omega FTB-938流量計

    ±1% of Reading Accuracy 
    Ball Bearing Design for Economy 
    440C Bearing Retainers for Durability 
    Ball Bearings Field Replaceable Without Loss of Calibration 
    Deflector Cones Stabilize Low Mass Rotor for Increased Bearing Life 
    NIST Certificate Supplied Standard

    The OMEGA? FTB-930 & FTB-940 Series turbine meters have male NPT end fittings for easy connections. They are suitable for use with gases with a minimum density of 0.025 lb/ft 3 (air at STP is 0.0752 lb/ft 3 ).These units come supplied with a mating 2-wire connector and can be supplied with integrally mounted FLSC-60 Series signal conditioners to provide 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, or amplified pulse outputs. These turbine gas meters are intended for clean service only; where there is any doubt about the fluid, strainers are recommended.
    OMEGA? precision turbine gas flowmeters are designed to measure actual cubic feet or actual volume passing through the meter. Before sizing a flowmeter, it is necessary to convert flow units (i.e., SCFM, LPM, etc.) to actual units. To convert to actual measured volume (ACFM) from standard volume (SCFM), use the following formula:
    ACFM = SCFM x 14.7/Pa x Ta/530
    ACFM = Actual cubic feet per minute of measured gas flow
    SCFM = Standard cubic feet per minute gas flow
    Pa = Operating pressure (psia) in = (psig + 14.7)
    Ta = Temperature in degrees, Rankine = (°F + 460)
    Accuracy: ±1.0% of reading
    Repeatability: ±0.25%
    Materials of Construction:
    Body: 304/316 stainless steel
    Rotor: 17-4 PH SS
    Bearings: 440C stainless steel
    Output: 30 mV p-p sinewave min.

    FTB-931B 0.35-3.5 Max Linear Range (AFCM); 1/2 End Connections MNPT (in)
    FTB-932 .75-5 Max Linear Range (ACFM); 1/2 End Connections MNPT (in)
    FTB-933 1-10 Max Linear Range (ACFM); 1/2 End Connections MNPT (in)
    FTB-934 2-20 Max Linear Range (ACFM); 1/2 End Connections MNPT (in)
    FTB-935 2.5-28 Max Linear Range (ACFM); 3/4 End Connections MNPT (in)
    FTB-936 4-60 Max Linear Range (ACFM); 1 End Connections MNPT (in)
    FTB-937 6-100 Max Linear Range (ACFM); 1 1/4 End Connections MNPT (in)
    FTB-938 8-130 Max Linear Range (ACFM); 1 1/2 End Connections MNPT (in)
    FTB-939 15-250 Max Linear Range (ACFM); 2 End Connections MNPT (in)
    FTB-940 25-450 Max Linear Range (ACFM); 2 1/2 End Connections MNPT (in)
    FTB-941 40-650 Max Linear Range (ACFM); 3 End Connections MNPT (in)
    Signal Conditioners (Order as a System for factory Scaling on FLSC-61 and FLSC-62, For Example: SYS/FTB-931/FLSC-62)
    FLSC-61 0-5/0-10 Volt output
    FLSC-62A 4-20 mA output
    FLSC-64 Amplifier (Squarewave Output)
    PSR-24S Regulated power supply, US plug, 90-264 Vac input, 24 Vdc output, 400 mA, screw terminals, UL
    注釋: Comes complete with operator’s manual and NIST Certificate for air.
    To order turbine meters with integral signal conditioners, specify model as a system such as : SYS/FTB-932/FLSC-62A. Omega will scale the signal conditioner with the appropriate calibration information from the turbine meter specified.
    No other calibrations are available.
    Compatible Meters: DPF701, DPF402, DPF70 with FLSC-AMP, DPF10, DPF500, FC20, 21, 22
    Contact Flow Engineering Dept

    美國omega FTB-938流量計 


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